Royal Jelly

Royal jelly is produced by the hyphophyrengal glands of worker bees located in their heads which is semi liquid in nature and has funny taste. It is the special food of queen bees, sometimes called the “miracle food” as it contains highly vital nutrient elements such as special proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, hormones, microelements and and various medicinal and cosmetic values. . So, its regular consumption provides several health benefits. It brings juvenility to body, enhances young healthy life, and stimulates sex desire and potential. It increases metabolism and so provides lot of energy to body. It has been also said that the regular consumption of royal jelly balances blood pressure and stimulates the function of various organs. Because of these importances, there is an increasing demand for this product in Nepal. To meet this demand, Gorkha Bee is producing royal jelly in commercial scale since last 5 years