Gorkha Bee, a private enterprise, was estabished under Government organization in 2000 A. D., aming to achieve the maxmun benefit from the scientific beekeeping. Since its establishment, it has been actively involving in conducting researches to develop suitable technologies to enhance the productivity and quality of honey and other bee hive products such as bee pollen, wax, propolis and royal jelly. Moreover, it is producing centrifuged as well as comb honey according to the floral sources separately.

Simlarly, Gorkha Bee is producing various value added bee products like bee diet, honey tonic, propolis tincture, bee wax ointment, anti aging/anti wrinkle facial cream, termite resistance furniture paint, etc in commercial scale. Apart from this, the production of high quality honey bee queens, bee colonies of both the exotic bee A. mellifera and indigenous bee A. cerana in commercial scale is another striking feature of this enterprize. It is projected that Gorkha bee will produce more value added high value bee products and bring into national and international markets in coming years.